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President: Rtn. Shiv Prasad

Secretary: Rtn. NIKHIL JADHAV




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RCPNIBM was founded on 30th Dec 2011. We have conducted many projects in this short duration. The club has been awarded Dist. 3131 membership award 2013 for maximum induction of lady Rotarians, Outstanding Project award for integrated rural project under Rotary international ‘Happy Village‘ project for village Panawadi near Pune and also Outstanding award for forming 2 Rotaracts, 1 Interact and 1 Early Act club. All this is for the club’s achievement from 1st July 2013.   Read more...

Club Mission Statement

Rotary Club of Pune NIBM mission is to make a lasting impact in community development. With our diverse membership profile, we draw on the myriad skills and expertise to make our projects well rounded.

Club Vision Statement

Rotary Club of Pune NIBM is focused on impacting maximum beneficiaries through its culture of engaging in long term sustainable projects in areas of Economic and Community Development, Basic Education and Literacy, Maternal and Child Health, Water and Sanitation, Disease Prevention and Treatment, Peace and Conflict prevention /Resolution.

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  • Rounak Jain
    15th December
    Vasant Patil
    15th December
    Ravindra Wadagave
    29th December
    1st December
    Vijay Agrawal
    13th December
    Arvind Mehandale
    15th December
    Sateesh Bhambure
    16th December
    18th December
    21st December

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    Latest Meetings :
    10 November 2019

    Topic : Wild India: Perspective from a Children’s Writer

    Location : POONA CLUB, CAMP
    Chief Guest : Mr. Deepak Dalal
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    17 October 2019

    Topic : Monthly BOD Meeting

    Location : Ram Krishna
    Chief Guest : President
    More >>
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